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About Us

Who are we?

We are really happy to inform you that our mother branch also represents the world’s best known digital media companies. Our mother branch is established in the city of Melbourne in Australia. We are also proud to serve you through our minor branches located in New Zealand, America and Sri Lanka. Since the establishment of our company in 2011 now we have stepped into the victorious 9th year. After an eight year service we plan to ensure that our visitors gain true and qualitative facts in the upcoming future.
The concept of global village has brought knowledge more close to you just within reach of your eyes. Furthermore the global community is considered as a single village providing the facility of directly accessing in to data easily. Therefore this concept is able to reduce the thirst for knowledge hunters. Through the above concept we have been able to fulfill the dreams of knowledge hunters. We wish to supply the knowledge about sports, technological, political, health and beauty and all the economical and social facts.

Our writers

Currently we are rich with 200 specialized writers in the above given specific fields. We also wish to remind you that all facts are written by trained writers that have experience minimum about five years.
Specialty of our writers
With the concept of global village people expect a vast detail simply through their smart tools. We always provide important information quickly as desired by the visitors. Our main target is to give information that is clear and easily understandable. Some of our information is unique and maybe information based on researchers. So it is a pleasure to say that we consists a better crew that could output better information to fulfill your desire.
We guarantee that the knowledge supplied by us is true and accurate.

Editorial Guidelines

We ensure that the given data is 100% true and is under the recommended rules and regulations. If you wish to confirm about the accuracy any fact we are available to provide you the service. Also we wish to inform you that we are ready to legally stand against any data hacking from our site.

Our team

Our team consists of well trained permanent 200 employees together with two executives. The above 200 employees consist a human resource manager, computer engineers, software designers and also writers. The accounting department is also a major part of our company.

Our services

Our company is not only a knowledge feeder but we provide wed designing, computer software designing, mobile app designing, search engine optimization likewise many more services are available.

We thankfully appreciate for joining and accepting knowledge from us. You could uplift and strengthen us by joining more often and also this supports to spread our knowledge with other knowledge hunters.