Are you in trouble? Need a lawyer? Or an Attorney?

Are you in trouble? Need a lawyer? Or an Attorney?

Oh! Are they different from each other?

Yes! They are.

But how do you decide? Even though they are much related, they hold different meanings. And in the states, these two words are interchange very much because of the misunderstanding of their senses.

Practically both groups are the person who has the license to give legal advice.

Who is an Attorney?

Name “Attorney” basically means the agent or a deputy who has the permission and right to act for another. As an example, if you are in a debilitating health condition, you can name your parents or spouse as your attorney – in – fact. Same as that, for a legal case, an Attorney can act as your authorized agent in the court for your situation. Hope you got the point.

Or you can call a lawyer, an attorney if only he or she can represent or practice the law in the court for you. Only the attorney can act as a legal representative in the court.

A Lawyer?

On the other hand, Lawyers do not have this legal permission to act as representatives in the court. They are a group of people who are educated in the law. You can call someone a lawyer if he or she has just completed law school even if they do not provide any legal advice to a client. This is the standard way of addressing someone a lawyer in the states.

What’s the Difference?

And if a lawyer wants to become an attorney, then he has to face the Bar examination. Here also some differences with different states. As for an example even if a lawyer has passed a bar exam in one estate, he or she is not guaranteed that he has the permission to practice the law in another state apart from which country he or she has passed the bar examination. But this is the procedure. Sitting for the bar examination is essential to become an attorney. All the Attorneys are lawyers but not all the lawyers are attorneys.

What is the Bar Examination?

A bar examination is considered as one of the most stringent tests in the country, especially if a lawyer has to sit it from California. Generally, this exam lasts for two or three days and contains two major sections. The first section consists of essay questions of law, legal principles, etc. And it lasts for one or two days. And the second section is MBE; Multistate Bar Examination consists of 200 questions on common law which is held on the same date in the whole country to keep the examination standard. Some states like Louisiana does not ask to sit for MBE as it has the civil law system not, a universal law.

Want to be a Lawyer?

Being a lawyer is the first step to start a carrier as a professional lawyer itself, attorney or a prosecutor. Therefore to be a lawyer first, you should have a college degree which can be ranged in an area from political science to mathematics. Then you have to pass the admission test of a law school according to your preference and the GPA. And then there you are, going to be a law student. After graduating successfully, you have the opportunity to enhance your legal carrier in an area you are preferred and talented.

So basically, a lawyer is a person who is educated in the law. Or, know the code. They have more excellent knowledge about law and the system than the rest of the world while attorneys are also the lawyers who have the legal permission to act as legal representatives in a court. And they have passed the Bar examination to be able to do so.

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