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Recall what they said:Call Recorder

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call recorder

Recall what they said….

Technology wants what our life wants. Immensely developing world creates distinct wants in human life and human tend to add more and more features for the current technologies. Latest technologies are used in various fields such as business to increase productivity, medical field, military aspects, educational purposes, etc.  Usually, some of the human weaknesses are recovered by technological innovations, and technical elements improve some of the social abilities.

Call recording becomes a vastly important topic, with technology changing and working habits becoming more mobile. In today’s modern world, virtually everything necessary is recorded. Especially with smartphones that can record video and audio at the push of a button. Imagine what it must’ve been like to not have any of this available, especially in the military, or air traffic control. If something went wrong, it’d be impossible to determine exactly why it went wrong.

call recorder

Fast forward a few decades, and we arrive at the era of tape recorders which were initially used in air traffic control centers and military vessels, to record conversations and directions. Unlike today’s’ devices, they were massive devices and made it more unfriendly to the user. Despite this inconvenience, for the first time, humans could “travel back in time,” i.e., to listen to something that occurred in the past, exactly as it had occurred. In the 20th-century ‘Telephone answering machine’ was patented which was related to telephony. The primary purpose of this was to provide an automatic mechanism for answering calls in the absence of the operative in charge of the station and for automatically recording messages received from the line. Up to this point call recording was based on the physical world. The first digital call recorder was invented by “Philips” in the middle of the 20th century.  Digital recorder stores data in strings of discrete numbers.

First thoughts for inventing call recorder is to avoid the forgetting essential things, catch important facts in some cases, as proof or evidence. Later on, it makes a necessary part in business, military, and many other applications. Companies or individuals buy call recording systems for different reasons depending on their unique requirements or industry needs. In a contact center environment investment in the request, the recording will assist with service quality monitoring, in banking or trading floors, it supports with fact verification, dispute resolution and helps firms meet compliance regulations.  General businesses might use call recording to increase customer satisfaction by reducing forgetting and avoiding customer facts. By continually observing calls, an organization or company can inculcate better customer service practices within employees and increase customer satisfaction. By monitoring calls and playing back call recordings, managers are allowed to observe their employee performance and ability to provide proper guidance for them to improve their service or production capacity.

call recorder

On the other hand, this facility enables managers and Research and development teams to learn what customers expect from the product and what needs to be improved.  Call recording feature empowers businesses to comply with legal, industry, and service-level compliance guidelines as it helps to resolve disputes and fight against lawsuits from unhappy customers. In addition to this, call recording can ensure any misunderstandings made over the phone over any payment transactions, orders taken, deliveries scheduled or trades being made are quickly resolved, with substantial potential fines or complaints against the organization being avoided. Some public safety organizations would use it to record mission critical incidents such as to decide fight against lawsuits.

As all other technologies call recorder or call recording technology too has some backward. The most important aspect is the Legal issues. Different states and countries have different laws regarding how and when participants in a phone conversation have to be notified they are being recorded. Some lawyers even differ as to how many people in a conversation have to give their permission for a recording to be legal. Businesses that have customers in multiple states or countries will have to make sure they are compliant with all relevant laws regarding the recording of telephone calls. When considering the business aspects, the employee might resistance to recording their calls. Most people have a natural aversion to being monitored, and employees may push back against the idea of being recorded. This is especially true if recordings are being used to evaluate employee performance, as staff members may feel that they will be unfairly judged against snippets of conversations, or that is monitored continuously means that they are not trusted by management.

Call recording software enables us to record telephone conversations either over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or VoIP (Voice over IP) in a digital audio file format and provides the ability to retrieve, playback, store and share call recordings. Its sole purpose is to record the phone conversation taking place between individuals. The technology is typically easy to deploy and can be working within a matter of minutes. Various types of call recording technologies are available such as VoIP, Station-Side, Trunk-Side, Outbound, Random, Business Rules, SIP. Many software is commercially and freely available for call recording. According to the requirement, the appropriate software can be used. Call recorders spread from smartphone to large systems used in military or public authorities.

Although call recording technology is in an immensely developing stage and it makes things smaller, faster and more efficient, a vast range of improvements can be expected. When considering technological innovations, an exponential leap is made in the storage capabilities of digital recorders. You might surely remember just a few years back, how gigantic a gigabyte used to be. It’s not a quantum leap forward when thinking about cloud storage, which marks a milestone in technological development, especially for voice and call recording. Thanks to the cloud, the present day we are capable of storing the bulk of data as on the cloud. As data can be saved by multiple digital devices working together, it’s possible to store vast amounts of data online. Many recording devices now automatically upload files from the device to the cloud, without the user needing to touch a thing.

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