Cathedral structure shows sign of some weaknesses.

Cathedral structure shows sign of some weaknesses.

Today a fire has gutted the whole of Paris. The fire has occurred at about 6.45 PM in Paris it has damaged the famous Catholic cathedral NOTRE DAME.The fire was wholly extinguished, but still, there are doubts among all the people whether it an accident or a something done by purposely to damage the cathedral. But the junior interior minister LAURENT NUNEZ told that there are some weaknesses which have been identified when observing the structure of the temple. So by looking at that point, people can prove that the cause was accidental.

The horrific fire was declared at around 10.AM in the morning hours, and later on over fifteen hours then the fire first started in the attic of the cathedral. The expert designers say that the safety of the structure was still in doubt as firefighters and the engineers gathered on the site. And also in the meanwhile, as the minister said before the Paris prosecutor who just began an investigation as the flame still raged confirmed on this Tuesday that the cause was not purposely, but it was ultimately an accident.

The fire had spread very quickly through the wooden roof of the world-renowned monument. The reporters in front of the Notre Dame in central Paris and also the firefighters had focused on the two massive bell towers of the cathedral and making sure that they had not been damaged. The all incident has been taken place during the morning hours. The fire has wholly destroyed and engulfed the roof of the 850 years old cathedral. And also the ministers of the government had decided to devise a reconstruction plan while continuing the investigations for a reason for the blaze as before. Luckily the structure has been saved.   

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