The world beyond a paper

The world beyond a paper

While the old generation still moves with the article, the kids nowadays mostly grew with a letter “e”; e-fashion, e-mail, e-shopping and finally e-learning. Shortly these kids are known as the e-kids or smart kids. This kept the people far apart from paper-based items. So as the people starting to become bright, they requested more educational facilities based on digital technology. This was the foundation of the project “CENGAGE” or known as the engage brain.

What is Cengage brain?

A digital educational, technological service company started in 2007, which markets the textbooks requested for higher studies or the profession — known as the “world’s library market.” It is linked with central 40 countries around the world and with sales of 165 countries which helps us to find the textbook which we request.

The Cengage learning’s headquarters is situated in Boston; the United States. Michael E. Hanson works as the Chief executive officer (CEO) of Cengage Learning.  So as few employers worked at the start of this project, 5000 employers were recorded in the year of 2017, showing the development of technology.

cengage brain

Work behind success…

The Thompson publishers, an international imprinting company which was searching for its success, couldn’t afford it.  So in the year of 2006, Thompson publishes announced an offer of sale by the Thompson cooperation. This made the APAX partners and the OMERS partners buy the shares of the Thompson cooperation for 7.75 billion of our dollars. Later in the year 2007, the name of Thompson publishes was changed into CENGAGE learning. Here David Shaffer was the CEO of the company, which he worked as the executive vice president and the CEO previously in the Thompson cooperation in between the ages 2005- 2006.

In 2011, they started working with the national geographic society’s school’s publishing unit, which got together with the business creating Cengage learning. Making this as a great success they acquired many more debts thought out this project. Afterward, they started the publishing of textbooks of various publishers, with the improvement of the technology.

More about Cengage brain

Cengage learning promotes textbooks of business, economics, Humanities social services, Science and technology, mathematics and so on.  Students worldwide can use this learning tool were ever from the world. Here students can purchase or rent textbooks related to their streams of learning. 

Mission of Cengage

The Cengage team prefers to make easy learning for student son finding textbooks to afford their education. It also promotes students study tools as well as online books. The only thing what students must do is to access with the student’s Cengage access code.

Carrier of Cengage

The life of Cengage is not only study promoted project. It also offers the job opportunities to work harder as a Cengage in the sectors of marketing, editorial, finance, or in administrations. Cengage warmly welcomes the rookies. Also, they mainly focus among educators, librarians or other employers associated with above sectors

Students who are using Cengage, primarily guided by Cengage to achieve their tasks as this makes them more convenient. Recently Cengage provides the students e- home works and assessments.

cengage brain

Other Cengage sites

Cengage learning is mainly linked with following publishes and companies to succeed in their aim.

  • Gale company
  • National geographic learning
  • Learning objects
  • Thorndike Press
  • Chilton
  • Milady
  • Questia
  • Ed2go
  • Heinle
  • MindTap
  • Aplia
  • 4LTR press

Access site of Cengage brain

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