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Revolutionary climatic change

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Dear Climate, you rock – climate change

Variability of climate change

Climatic change is One of the enormous problems that we are suffering in nowadays. When considering the climatic changes as human beings, we couldn’t bear variations. Then we have to follow many strategies to make us comfortable than unfavourable conditions. However, increased the number of heat-related illness and deaths. Not only human beings when considering animals, but they also cannot bear climate change , actually sorry to say even they have to face their death because of unfavourable environmental conditions. Human activities are the leading cause of climate change. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, they emit huge fossil fuel to the environment and convert vast areas of land from forest to farmlands or some construction purposes.

climate change

To survival of changing the climate, animals are equipped with their unique and specific features which help them for their adaptation. This is very important in case of the animals survive in extreme climatic conditions to protect their lives against extreme heat or cold conditions. Rapidly increased the variety of climatic changes after the industrial revolution. Some factors create climate change. Like natural factors, anthropogenic factors (human-based)

climate change

1.    Anthropogenic–    chemical fertilizer 

                Emission of CO2,


    Emission of GHG (Green House gas) I

    increase in vehicles

    Deforestation etc.

climate change

2.    Natural –            forest fire

  ocean current

  sunspot and solar cycle

  volcanic eruptions


  methane emission of animals

ocean current

Greenhouse gas concentrations are challenging to Earth’s atmosphere. However, humans began digging up long-buried carbon types such as coal and oil and burning them for energy; additional carbon dioxide began to be released into the atmosphere much rapidly than in the natural carbon cycle. Such as cement production and deforestation like human activities through also add CO2 to the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases

When considering the earth climate change in the past, some natural factors that have changed the earth climate in the past.

*changes in the Earth’s orbit


*changes in the sun’s energy

*volcanic eruptions

We couldn’t believe the changes in climate when referring to records. When burning fossil fuel, it produces carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide names as a greenhouse gas because it creates a greenhouse effect. As a result of the greenhouse effect it makes the environment warmer. Newly introduced technologies are adding to the emission of carbon to the atmosphere which it turns negative impacts on climate change has led to many severe issues to the water system. The rainfall patterns have become change due to the changing weather conditions. As a result of this causes flood and drought conditions. When considering forest and wildlife, a wide range of animals and plant species have gone extinct due to the change in the climatic conditions and some others are on the verge of going extinct.


What are climate and climatic change?

Climate means the average weather of a specific area or region over some time. Temperature, humidity, rainfall, air pressure, wind, clouds and sunshine like factors cause for the climate. Climate change is a natural phenomenon and change in the average weather of a specific area.

The gradual increase of the Earth average surface temperature due to the formation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere called global warming. When considering the records before the revolution period, actually sorry to say there’s a massive variation of gas percentage. As a result of this variation, the layer of atmosphere is now like a heat-trapping blanket and very thick. This layer acts as a protective cover.

What are the causes of climate change ?

  • Emission of greenhouse  gases to the environment
  • When producing electricity
  • When producing electricity
  • Forestry and Land use
  • Residential and commercial processes
  • Agricultural processes
  • Manufacturing processes

due to the variations in the sun’s energy reaching earth

Changes in the reflectivity of the earth’s atmosphere and surface.

How to affect climate changes to our planet?


Climate change affects us in various aspects like

•    on health

•    rising temperature

•    changing precipitation patterns,

•    occur droughts – it may affect the amount of water in rivers

•    oxygen depletion, on water resources

•    on natural disasters

•    ecosystems

•    wildlife

•    forests

•    agriculture

•    on glaciers and ice systems

•    warming oceans

•    melting ice (as a result of melting ice problems, have to face rising of sea level)

•    coral bleaching etc.

What are the things that we have to do to get rid of climatic changes?

To reduce air pollution.

       – Can use electric powered vehicles

electric powered vehicles

       – Hydrogen fuelled cars

Can move to Renewable energy

        – Solar power, wind power, hydropower, biogas etc.

Things can do in Personal level

        – by using energy efficiency

        – by managing waste

        – by using eco-friendly transport

        – by planting more trees and protect nature

eco-friendly transport

Conclusion- climate change

We have to take more considerations against climate changes; however, we couldn’t be solved easily or quickly. As human beings, we should take responsibility to solve this problem by changing our habits personally. We should take actions to get rid of climatic changes. It’s our duty and trust because we have to hand over our mother nature to our next generation as a favorable environment.

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