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Generation Zero

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Generation Zero

Imagine a world without humans, haunted by machines of unknown origin and their only intention is to destroy humankind. Generation Zero is a videogame developed based on the theme, developed and published by Avalanche Publishing. Minimum System requirements for Generation Zero is given as,

Generation Zero

The game takes place in the 1980s where, and the humans are in a struggle for survival. These machines are in various kinds with different abilities. In specific scenarios, the mechanisms appear in huge sizes, equipped with varying types of weapons. Origin and the background of the invaders and their purpose are unknown.

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Players are in an urge to searching the truth behind this invasion. The game initially released in 26th March of 2019 for Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows and it has a 6/10 rating in Steam. Graphics of Generation Zero features a massive advancement with contrast to similar other games.

Textures are in high quality with very high detail. Dynamic partials are included in graphics processing.  The world is enormously large with high visibility. The depth of field is also so advance which is so much in value with the use of binoculars.

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Generation Zero’s world is open with many versatile events and side missions. Graphics are well optimized to minimize lags and glitches. It consists of rivers, mountain ranges and forests which is pretty much similar to Far Cry New Down. But the theme and the story are distinguished from the rest of open world games.

Some might think Generation Zero has been an extension of Anthem or relates to it, but Generation Zero is unique due to its very own theme. Since before the release of the game, gamers began to love it and pre-order the game.

Players can explore the vast open world with full day and night cycles. Another important thing is the weather, many of the recent open world games such as Far Cry and Witcher has weather aspect in them. But Generation Zero is rendered with the award-winning Apex Engine which makes the weather is extremely unpredictable.

If the players want to roam around a world where chaos breaks as the invasion happen and where the streets are wandering by mortal machines with devastating weapons with them, Generation Zero is the game to purchase.

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Generation Zero poses an arsenal of weapons made in the 1980s, and possible modifications and attachments are allowed such as laser sights, Scopes and sound suppressors for certain weapons. The arsenal comprises of Meusser Hunting Rifle, AI-76 assault rifle, .44 Magnus, MP5 and many more to play with. The players are allowed to loot from objects which contain items and from the dead machines.

Stolen items can be stored in the personal inventory where individual things are used to craft various things which are useful for weapon upgrades and character upgrades. Several special weapons are also included as Poison Gas Tanks, Car Battery EMP, Light Common Array Lure, Land Mine, Flame Throwers along with adrenaline shots and medkits.

The game is taken place in Sweden, and it allows you to play single player mode or co-op mode where multiple players with a maximum number of three can perform the campaign missions.

Strategies are allowed to develop in which the player can use lures to set ambushes on enemies for easy disposal and takedowns. The loot of dead enemies and items in the inventory can be shared among your friends in the co-op mode. Thus, the resources are allowed to be utilised in maximum efficiency.  The revival of downed friends comes handy when the team is desperate to lose a member.

All enemies in Generation Zero are unique and designed to bear the scars of damages. For an example, if the enemy is attacked on the armour the scars will remain, and if a module was damaged due to an attack the damage caused to the module is permanent, and it will remain until the player face the enemy again despite the time interval in between. Enemies in Generation Zero are in various forms and sizes. There are several prominent types as Tick, Seeker, Runners, Hunters, Harvesters and Tanks. Ticks are the smallest among them but extremely dangerous due to its suicidal nature.

When the distance to a Tick is too close, it will launch a suicidal charge on the player. Often found in groups these will self-destruct as a bunch while causing severe damage.  

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Next, in line are the seekers. Seekers are scouts who signal the location of their targets to the nearby rest of the enemies. It is better to stay undercover when a seeker enters or use stealth. Runners are deadly with their speed combined with automatic weaponry. They often move as packs.  Harvesters are gatherers of resources and possess their defence mechanisms to avoid or withstand incoming attacks.

Sometimes escorted by other machines, harvesters are enforced with heavy armour. Tanks are the most heavily armoured machines.

Defeating Tanks in Generation Zero is somewhat challenging. They are equipped with heavy weapons such as rockets. No matter the type of enemy the battles will be challenging and so much fun. Players may need particular strategies to take down certain enemies while some can be destroyed by fighting head-on.

There is a lot to be explored and unravelled in Generation Zero. One will play the game for hours out of curiosity what will happen next? Where did the machines come from? Who created them? Why are they here? Will they ever leave Earth? Are there any other survivors left? If so how to find them? Where are they? Questions similar will pop up in the minds of players.  Answers to them lie within Generation Zero in a vast open world with various possibilities to be grabbed.

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