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Will the Earth be crashed by USA alone with increased Greenhouse Effect?

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greenhouse effect

This is the real time to take a look at our worthy earth using our third eye because this earth has become ruinous already due to the activities of modern man. People are innovating new technologies and products just by thinking only about their satisfaction or the convenience. This is the main reason for crashing the earth day by day. Among the noxious reasons, Greenhouse Effect has become a major threat in USA as well as in the whole world which is leading for a ruinous earth. Thus, it is very important to think of this Greenhouse Effect.

greenhouse effect

Greenhouse Effect

First of all we have to understand the term Greenhouse Effect correctly, because without having the idea of this we cannot do anything to overcome this issue.

As we know, the sun warms everything including our habitat; earth. So there should be a continuous increment in the temperature of the earth due to the absorption of energy from the sun. But actually it is not happened as what we expect, because the earth gives off some energy to space without absorbing. Here the energy is sending off to the space as invisible Infrared Radiation (IR). In this phenomenon there should be an energy balance. That means, the amount of Infrared Radiation which is sent off by the earth should be equal to the amount of energy absorbed from the sunlight. However the amount of IR energy sends off by the earth is depending on its temperature. According to the science, when there is no any atmospheric greenhouse effect, the average earth temperature required for the energy balance would be a frigid -18 o C (which is equivalent to a temperature of 0 o F). But, fortunately the greenhouse effect has kept this temperature for an acceptable level for the being of life on this earth. When we think of the past millennia the average temperature of the earth has been over 15 o C (59 o F).  

Greenhouse effect – Greenhouse Gases

greenhouse effect

There are some gases called as greenhouse gases which are engaging in keeping the earth warmer than it would be without of them. The gases whose molecules have three or more atoms are acting as greenhouse gases. Especially Carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor (H2O g) and methane (CH4) play a major role among the various greenhouse gases in order to maintain Earth’s temperature in a favorable level for the living beings over billions of years.

greenhouse effect

But, there should be a limit of these greenhouse gases. If we cannot the greenhouse gases within this limit it will be harmful and caused for a heavy increment in temperature of the Earth. Unfortunately it has happened already due to the human activities which are leading for increasing the greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in USA

Among the greenhouse gases emitted by USA the highest amounts were recorded for Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (N2O) recently. And all the sectors of the economy such as; electric power, transportation, industries, residential and commercial as well as agriculture has been contributed for these emissions in USA.

Harsh Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in USA

 In 2018 it has recorded that there was a sudden increment in emitting Carbon dioxide (CO2) by 3.4 percent. Anyhow this high amounts of gas emissions definitely cause for the most devastating effects of climate change due to the global warming caused by the extravagance amount of greenhouse effect. Thus, USA has planned to reduce this emissions dramatically by 2025 under the Paris Climate Agreement. 

According to the recent findings it is crystal clear that, USA is one of the upcoming leader for the climate change of the Earth due to its amplified greenhouse effect.    

Causes of Increased Greenhouse Effect in USA

The researchers have found that greenhouse gas emissions due to the electric power generation has risen by 1.9 percent in 2018. Especially this was largely due to the burning of natural gases to fulfill their high demand in electricity. Although this fuel systems emits lesser amount of greenhouse gases than coal it also a major contributor for the greenhouse effect. 

The next main contributor for the greenhouse effect in USA is the transportation sector. It has recorded that there was a 1 percent increment in greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector in 2018 in USA.

Moreover the emissions from the industries of USA also has risen significantly in 2018.

Moreover the emissions from the industries of USA also has risen significantly in 2018.

Greenhouse effect leads for the global warming and it is the key donor to the climate change. So once again our fantastic Earth has to face a trouble and get ruined. So the administration bodies of USA has planned to take further actions to overcome this issue by reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent by the year 2025.

In order to that, they are going to implement some climate policies such as introducing new regulations for vehicle fuel and power plants for an efficient usage of fuels and thereby reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

Although this the current situation in USA, in 2005 emissions of USA was declined outstandingly due to their technological changes. Thus, once again they are going to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by means of such curriculums.

However we can hope that there is a possibility in reducing the greenhouse effect in USA as they have taken the initial step to implementing their climate policies. But we have to continue in putting our eyes to USA as they will break up the procedure of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases our Earth will crash soon.




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