The teenager lady “ HODA MUTHANA ” who joined ISIS in the year of 2014 now wants to return back home. She married one of the ISIS fighters, an Australian jihadist “Suhan Rahman” and he was the first of her all three husbands. As Donald trump said that he had instructed the secretary of state “MIKE POMPEO” not to allow HODA MUTHANA to return to united states as the American president. The main reason for the decision of trump was, under the US law Mathana would be a U.S citizen by the nature of her birth in the country but the state department could

Argive that her claim to citizenship is flawed because of the immigration status of her parents at the time of her birth. Though she joined at the age of 19 then she was a young woman from HOOVER, Alabama traveled to Syria


to join ISIS after five years and now she regrets what she has did and her decision is to come back to U.S and also HODA MUTHANA says she is now being truly ashamed of those posts and wishes she could take them back. Therefore, now she is begging to come to U.S hardly. And also “Alan Dershowitz”

Who was One of the former professor of LAW he said that if he were to advise her, he would say that returning back to U.S would be a very big deal and a “risk” to her life. But here she has a problem that whether a U.S citizen can be barred from entering his or her own country.  But Pompeo said on the Wednesday of last week that HODA MUTHANA is not an American citizen and she doesn’t have legal basis. And now she is a mother of 18 months old baby boy. Not only that she also wills to g to the prison for her offences.

‘POPPY’S BAR’ a mom a wife of presidents



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