Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza

SSunshine Plaza is a shopping center named as “one of the best makeovers makes.” It is located on Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Sunshine Plaza is the most excellent shopping center on the sunshine coast in Queensland and has been servicing since 1994. It contains approximately 107,000 square meters of floor space. Named as a fantastic place which reflects the best lifestyle qualities on the Sunshine Coast and popular among locals and tourists.

Previously operated under a separate structure, the center began trading in 1980 as The Sands Shopping Center. The Lend Lease Corporation purchased the center in 1990 and expanded through redevelopment. The new center started selling in 1994 under the new name Sunshine Plaza. It has been developed and continued to innovative, steadily reinventing the shopping center format with the aspects and purview of the community. Sunshine Plaza expanded rapidly since it provided a convenient and accessible shopping experience to the public. As well as met consumer needs with extensive, convenient and free or low-cost parking with comfortable shopping experience away from the noisy environment.

Sunshine Plaza
Arcades Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore Queensland

Sunshine Plaza built with the largest and most diverse variety of specialty stores in the region of Sunshine coast with over 345 most reputed stores together with David Jones, Myer, Kmart, Target, Woolworths, Birch Carroll & Coyle, MECCA, Sheik, JB Hi-Fi, etc. Also, Sunshine Plaza has significant banks and a wide variety of entertainment and adventure events. Shopping center combined both major and most trending retailers to deliver a one-stop shopping opportunity under the one roof.

“Community will own world-class shopping with the region’s first David Jones department store, a new BIGW, a refurbished Myer, a stunning new Amaroo Street mall entrance, provision for extra large format fashion operators and over 100 new specialty stores, delivering highly sought-after fashion brands to the Sunshine Coast”.

Sunshine Plaza

The new iconic and unique center attract both visually and physically to the Cornmeal Promenade, extending the indoor and outdoor theme, holiday feel of the center as well. Sunshine Plaza shopping center purveys with exciting experience with the variety of Supermarkets with fresh foods and all the essentials, latest fashion accessories with most trending brands, health and beauty products, etc. Moreover seems to facilitate these works and ensure that the shopping center is continuing to provide customers with a safe, enjoyable shopping environment, hoardings have been installed with a section of both the ground floor and current center. Indeed, food and dining facilities with the refurbished food court and a custom made nautically themed kids play zone. Especially great place to be and relax with associates for hours. It has a broad range of Services with major Banks & Financials, health care facilities including optometry.

Sunshine Plaza
Sunshine Plaza It contains approximately 62,000 square metres of floor space Maroochydore Queensland

Sunshine Plaza is bringing a new customer experience by providing the most enjoyable entertainment events. It has a definite design to serve the unforgettable leisure time with incredible events and enhance customer experience with great cinema, excellent, attractive games, and sports to grab the different level of excitement. In addition to that Sunshine Plaza being upgrading to become the first and native place to the first and super high ropes course at a major regional shopping center in the country. It has to organize a 21-meter-high viewing platform, and ten zip-lines with the longest and safest one at 130 meters crossed Cornmeal Creek. This new adventure event of high ropes course is an addition of future dimension to the entertainment experience with an experiential leisure event offer with an attraction of local and tourists.

“The future and the expectations of retail is clear. Sunshine Plaza is uniquely situated along Cornmeal Creek, and the community wants to enjoy places that offer a broad range of experiences in vibrant coastal environments. Providing breathtaking an unusual experience and leisure activities will enhance the connection with the creek and deliver a full day of adventure and relaxation to the center.” Gary Horwitz

Facilitating all of our customers with the effortless opportunity to shop, dine and be entertained is important to us. One of the most important of the Sunshine Plaza shopping experience is convenient parking facility. It provides over 90 percent of customers’ free parking facility. In the car park, there is a total number of spaces to nearly 5000. However, in the redevelopment of the Sunshine Plaza improved the customer experience and access to the parking premises.  

“Sunshine Plaza has always been notable as a unique shopping center set on the natural waterway of Cornmeal Creek. When the center first opened in 1994, it was met with a great amount of excitement, and we intend to deliver something just as special.” 

In a rating of Queensland Shopping centers by clients review, Sunshine Plaza received four stars, top grade, based on the criteria of the amount and wide variety of stores, performances, Future growth prospects, sustainability, and Redevelopment.

 “This is our market, and we needed to understand exactly what our customer base wanted. We don’t have a common profile for that base – there’s no single uniformity in our trade area. It’s a complex, extensive, ‘all-encompassing’ profile from our young family market through to our retirees, and the ‘one size fits all’ solution is not applicable here.”

 Sunshine Plaza is the best choice in the region to have a fantastic experience, and it emerges as one of the most sophisticated retail, servicing, entertainment and leisure centers in Australia.

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