TRUMP Overshadow a burgeoning economy…

TRUMP Overshadow a burgeoning economy…

According to the present situation “GDP” is growing at a percent plus rate of 3. And also the rate of unemployment is 50 years’ low. And also at the same time the unemployment rate is 3.9 percentage as given. The American president Donald trump presides over and administration that has seen an enormous level of controversy which could possibly overshadow a burgeoning economy. When most of the economists have had been using the term “FULL EMPLOYMENT” to describe the economy 3.9 million more Americans had joined the

And also as we all know during the same time period under the former president of America “BARAK OBAMA” the employment had fallen

Trump economy……………….

down by 2.6 million. The economy in total, while still not in breakout mode. And also there is a believe by all the critics that it won’t last long because the fiscal stimulus is only aimed at near term growth. In the meanwhile, the stock market has jumped 27 percent amid a surge in corporate profit. The last missing piece of the economic recovery has been increased by 2.9 percent year over year to the highest level since 2009 April. when we are talking about Trump economy…………..

And the recession ended in the month of June 2009.The best thing is that TRUMP had delivered on promises to cut all the taxes and regulations and to promote more activities through more aggressive government spending. The economy does seem to be in fire and its easier to draw a straight line from Trump economy policies according to the current trends. The GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT recently gained is 4.2 percent in the second quarter also the best performance in nearly four years. Not only them there are some more telling figures about just how much progress has been done under the American president Donald trump.


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